20 July 2015

Monday Morning, I'm Inspired

There's nothing I need more on a Monday morning than a bit of inspiration to start the week off right. Music, typography, photography, simple shapes and patterns, film, history - you name it, I’ve likely incorporated it into my design work.  I decided to whip up this design board to show y'all how I turn it into scrapbook items and design projects - or rather, a freebie for you! Color is essential to any design work and my love of bright, loud colors is always present. You can see it in my work all over the shop and in today’s design board.

 What do Chris Martin's piano, Sofia Coppola's Marie Antoinette, sunsets and neon lights, confetti and kaleidoscopes, Hip Hop and the Pixies all have in common?  Today's freebie :-)  

You can pick up the freebie patterns at the end of today's post.  But first...here's what's happening now in the shop.

Uncharted Patterns + Kit + Elements
Live Out Loud Patterns 1 + 2, Elements
Color Splash Papers
Art Journal Papers
We are Young 1 + 2, Shake it Off Kit
Art Papers, Shake it Off Patterns, Gradients
Poolside Elements 
Poolside Patterns
Poolside Patterns
My Summer Faves Elements
My Summer Faves Patterns
My Summer Faves Patterns
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11 July 2015

New Release: Poolside

There's a scene in the play "August: Osage County" where the family's matriarch recounts to her daughters an incident from her childhood where she had desperately wanted this certain pair of cowboy boots and had begged and begged her mother for them, doing everything she could possibly think of to sway her into purchasing them.  Christmas morning dawns and she rips open a present to find the box for the boots and is so excited that she can barely lift the lid to try them on. Well, she opens the box to find a smelly old pair of work boots and her mother laughing hysterically. 
"To Set a Watchman" is my version of those smelly boots.

For context follow this LINK - though be warned, read at your own risk.  After much soul searching I've decided the best route is to simply refuse to believe and from this point forward will deny this book ever existed.  

I will refrain from writing out the thesis I've created about why this book is completely separate from the Mockingbird canon, how Harper Lee had a definitive reason for never releasing it, etc. but instead I'll just share a few of my favorite Atticus/Gregory Peck GIFs.

Now that I've got THAT off my chest...it's back to regularly scheduled programming!  Don't worry, I have a fabulous freebie for everyone who made it through to this point ;-)  Grab it at the end of today's post - AFTER you check out what's happening in the shop.

Download each "Poolside" freebie before you go!

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08 July 2015

World Cup Champs!

U-S-A! U-S-A! U-S-A! U-S-A! U-S-A!

World Champions, y'all!  The USWNT brought home the Women's World Cup on Sunday and it was, as expected, absolutely brilliant.

In the midst of a busy 4th of July weekend I managed to find a few extra minutes to work on two new collections, "Poolside" & "Sweetly Summer," the first parts of which are available in the shop.  Pick up all three paper packs (so far) at 40% off when you use the coupon code STAYCOOL at checkout.

You can pick up these kits at 40% off also...

Download this free pack of "Poolside" solids, then pick up the coordinating patterns in the shop.