20 July 2014

Monkey'ing Around

It's the final hours of my "Monkey Business" sale...have you taken advantage yet?  Per request I've decided to extended the fun through midnight Monday so you have an extra 24 hours to take advantage.  Get funky and grab a monkey kit or two!  (LoL)

It's freebie time!  Pick up the "Monkey Business" mini kit and alphas below.

From my favorite little monkey to yours, have an amazing week!


19 July 2014

She's a Peach

It has been absolutely gorgeous here for the past few days so I decided to take advantage and tag along for this year's visit to the Porter Peach Festival.  As a fan of sleeping on Saturday mornings and having a phobia of being too far away from a Whole Foods or a Starbucks at any given time, this was the first year I took part in this little quirky treat that my mom, sisters and friends have enjoyed the past 6-7 (?) years.  It's amazing how your life changes and what becomes important when you have a niece to share it with.

Miss Q, future Real HouseBaby of Atlanta & Miss Peach
 We came, we saw, we conquered tiny Porter, Oklahoma and have jars of Peach BBQ sauce for all.   Even though I'm a "city girl" (ha) it would be impossible to not appreciate and enjoy the Rockwellian Main Street Parade, Apple Butter, Shriner's Club & Veterans, etc. that made up this summer morning.  I definitely found inspiration for my next collection, so stay tuned for that in the coming days.  

Miss Q making memories with her Mom and God-Mother

What are you up to this weekend?  Anyone have any.... monkey business planned? ;-)

Don't forget to download this "Monkey Business" mini kit freebie.


17 July 2014

New Release: Monkey Business

Alert: Monkeys have taken over HF Designs and are running wild with mayhem, crazy antics and one awesome sale - not to mention three fabulous kits all about Monkey Business.  I suspect that my niece Quinn may just be the Monkey behind all of this.

Thank you to everyone who let me know about the missing letters from this alpha freebie.  I've included the corrected download link AND a coordinating lower case alpha, both of which are here:


13 July 2014

Viva Deutchsland!


Oh what a month, what a glorious month it has been!  This time tomorrow my serious World Cup withdraws will be in full force and I'll be surviving on MLS scraps until league play resumes in Europe/England.  Before it comes to that, here's a look back of some of the best moments from this fantastic tournament in GIFs....because football + GIFs = Happy Harper.

For all of my fellow 3 Lions fanatics here's a little palette cleanser and reminder of better days.

Shockingly I've managed to put a few kits, goodies and special offers together in the midst of this crazy football marathon.  You can save 50% in the shop with the codes GERMANY, ARGENTINA, BRAZIL OR HOLLAND.  A true fan should never be forced to go against their team so you choose which team you want to save with ;-)  

I had a little fun coming up with some World Cup freebies throughout the tournament.  If you missed any of them you can download each of them below.


09 July 2014

Christmas in July 2014

Are you ready for a little Christmas in July?  You can use the coupon code XMASJULY14 in my shop on any of my Christmas/Winter themed kits to save 60% through Sunday.  Please note this offer is only valid on these specific kits.  You can save 50% on all separate/non-XMAS orders with the coupon codes BRAZIL, NETHERLANDS, ARGENTINA and GERMANY through the weekend.  Pick your team, fill a stocking or two and save big this week.

While I love a cutesy kit as much as the next person I also like to switch it up every now and then and do something that can be used over and over in whatever way you choose without being hampered down by whether they're theme specific or age specific.  My new collection, "Live Out Loud" was created with just that in mind.  Grab the kit and bonus papers now in the shop.

Check out these other "non-traditional" papers also available.

And for your more "traditional" scrapping needs...

Thanks for stopping and enjoy your freebie!