15 April 2016

Friday Freebie: #hashtag

We officially have a two year old! She was so pumped for her family party last night and it was all I could do to keep up with her.  My amazing brother in law spent three hours in the pitch dark wearing a head lamp putting together Q's new play set so it would be ready for to play with on for her birthday.  Seriously, what kind of parenting goals?  So we would run outside, climb up, down and all around, go down the slide, repeat 10x, then run back inside to look at the robot on her birthday cake, remind everyone she's two, ask if it was presents time and then back out the door we'd go to repeat it all again.  I definitely earned my slice of Robot cake (which was delicious!).  Next up is the "big" party on Saturday friends and family!  There's going to be a huge Elmo cake (it's obviously ~tacky to repeat the same cake!) so I'll be sure to let you all know which - Elmo or Robots - tasted best.

Quinn with her dad and special Q/2 pancakes on her 2nd birthday.
I may not have any birthday cake to share but I DO have a gift for everyone!  I'm celebrating #happybirthdayquinn by giving out my new kit - #HASHTAG - free to all of you.  I absolutely love the kit and hope you all will too.  

It's time to reveal even more of the kit! Next up?  The word art and alphas!  You can find word art pack one now over on Facebook, word art pack #2 in Saturday's newsletter and the alphas + patterns pack #3 in today's post. The elements will be coming Sunday so stay tuned! 

I have some mighty awesome things happening now over in the shop!  Save $5 on any order in the shop - including the Penny Saver & Take the Lot - when you use coupon code PENNYFIVE at checkout.

Get your Penny Saver or pick up one of my latest kits.

It's #HASHTAG time! Catch up on the parts released thus far...

....keep a tab on the ones to come...

...and get this pack of alphas + patterns part three!

When can you get the next round?  Stay tuned!  


13 April 2016

#hashtag + #happybirthdayquinn

I can't believe I'm saying this but the Mighty Quinn is turning TWO tomorrow!  While time has definitely flown by there's a part of me that can't quite believe it's been only two years with this brilliant, amazing, beautiful, talented, hilarious and all around crazy kiddo.  Being Q's (favorite) aunt is by far my favorite job.

What's a birthday without gifts?  I have a mighty good one for you all!  I've chosen to give out my new kit - #hashtag - as a freebie for everyone to collect over the next few days.  I'll be revealing each new part daily through my newsletter, blog and Facebook page.

I'm giving out the #hashtag patterns first and you can find the solids in Wednesday's newsletter, the painted papers on Facebook, patterns pack #2 in Thursday's newsletter, patterns pack #3 in Friday's blog post and the first set of patterns in today's post.  Got it?  Good!

I have some mighty awesome things happening now over in the shop!  Save $5 on any order in the shop - including the Penny Saver & Take the Lot - when you use coupon code PENNYFIVE at checkout.

Your chance to Take the Lot expires on Friday.  Get my entire 2013 - 2015 shop for $25 when you "take the lot" by Friday at midnight.

#hashtag time! 

When can you get the next round?  Stay tuned!  


06 April 2016

Allez Freebies!

Paris Saint Germain is kicking off the Quarterfinals of their 2016 Champions League campaign and I could not be more pumped!  So, of course, I had to make some freebies in honor of it all.  
Fingers crossed that this will not curse my dudes!

It's back by popular demand and it's any scrapper's dream (I hope!).  What am I talking about?  The 2016 Penny Saver offer, of course!  What's a Penny Saver?  It's your chance to receive a $100 (yes - ONE HUNDRED!) shopping spree when purchase the Saver pass in my shop.  You will have six months to use this one time offer so even if you can't quite think of $100 worth of goodies from my shop that you'll want you need only wait for the fabulous kits I have yet to roll out!  Please note that this offer may NOT be purchased with previous Gift Card credits nor can it be used to purchase my shop and/or Donor Club membership.  The only coupon that will be valid with this offer is my special penny saver coupon (info below).

This is also the last call for the Take the Lot offer as it will be retired April 15.  Please note that the Take the Lot offer and 2016 Penny Saver are two separate offers that do not overlap.  The Take the Lot offer guarantees you to every kit I released between 2013 and 2015 while the Penny Saver can be used to purchase ANY kit - including the new 2016 kits.

Speaking of 2016 kits... I have new art journal kit in the shop called On My Mind!

While I've got art journal-ing on my mind (zing!) I want to show off a few of my favorite previous mixed media kits that can be snagged in the shop.

Looking for those freebies?  Look no further!  Download the "On My Mind" freebies first...

Find part one (the home jersey colors!) of my PSG/Soccer/Football freebie in today's newsletter (image linked)...

...and the (jersey #2) pink and black alphas below!

Have a great day and maybe say a little prayer for my PSG loving heart. :-)